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What can "International Teaching Advantage" (ITA) do for me?

At International Teaching Advantage we offer our clients an easier and more reliable way to find employment in China. We will find you a teaching position in the destination of your choice. We will negotiate a contract for you and explain any questions that you may have about that contract. After we have found you a teaching position that is suitable for you we will arrange for the necessary paperwork required to enter China. This paperwork will allow you to get a "Z" working visa from the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Why do I need (ITA)?

Not only will we give you unlimited consultation we will insure that you are getting a fair and reasonable contract. There are many organization that are available today that can help you find employment in China. Although, most of them overcharge for their services and even take some of your monthly wages. At ITA we work for you. We find you a good position at a location of your interest and we make sure that your pay and hours of work per week are fair. We protect your interests.

Why is ITA the best choice to find a teaching position in China?

Other companies that help people find employment in China are basically just "placement" companies. They already have pre-arranged destinations for people to teach at. Most of these destinations are not very desirable. The horror stories are endless. People will end up in the middle of nowhere China with no language skills and no other foreigners for hundreds of miles. The feeling of isolation is immense.

At ITA we help our teachers find a location that will be suitable for them. While some clients may want to teach in an authentic Chinese village, others may want to be placed in a more vibrant and colorful location like Shanghai. China is a very large country. With ITA, you can be assured that you will work where you want to work.

Other companies will often require their teachers to participate in unnecessary training exercises. These "workshops" or "teaching seminars" will cost a person a great deal of time and money. Sometimes costing one or two thousand dollars for training that is not required. At ITA we believe that if you have a B.A. Degree or higher and communication skills that you will be capable of becoming a great teacher in China. Previous teaching experience is just an added benefit.

At ITA we have no secret charges or unnecessary training courses. We have one simple fee for our services and consultations. You find that our fee is by far the lowest available.

Why should I teach in China?

Many people come to China to teach for many different reasons. Most teachers have found that one of the best reasons to teach in China is the free time. Teaching in China is not very demanding. Most positions only require 14-18 hours a week. Also, China celebrates long holidays. This gives a teacher at least three or four opportunities to engage in long distance traveling. There is a never ending supply of "points of interest" in China.

Another thing that teachers enjoy in China are the free living accommodations. Most teachers enjoy the idea of not worrying about rent or bills.

What is the pay?

In China people get paid by the month. The average monthly salary for a teacher is $650-$1050 a month. (sometimes higher depending on the position). In comparison, an average citizen in China only makes $200 dollars a month and works at least fifty hours a week. If you take into consideration the small amount of working hours per week, free accommodations, and the fact that it is so very cheap to live in China the pay is quite nice. Unbelievably, you would be considered an upper-middle class citizen in China.

 What is the refund policy?

 If the government documents for your "Z" working class visa do not get approved, you will receive an immediate refund of  the service fee.

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