- Good health

- B.A. Degree or higher (no teaching experience necessary but it is a plus)
     (If you don't have a B.A. Degree, jobs are still available)

- Color copy of a recent photo

- Copy of your Resume or C.V.

- Copy of your degree or degrees

- Copy of your current passport

- Your current mailing address

*** All of these things must be scanned and emailed to our contact information ***

*** No payment is required until you have found a teaching position and contract that is suitable for you. ***

*** All of our payment services will be conducted through Each of our clients that sign an official contract will be sent an invoice of $385 for our service fee. Please inquire about the simple process. Credit Card service is available. ***

***Every client to completely apply before April 1st will pay a discounted fee of $325 for the upcoming school year.*** Phone: (734) 274-5593